ByBenzy Don Moses, writer at
Benzy Don Moses

Now I know there has been talk of who should play Harley Quinn when the role becomes available. The latest actress that I've heard should play her is Katee Sackhoff. One reason I have heard she would be good as Harley Is because she did a great job in the movie Oculus. And while I have never seen the movie Oculus,I hear that Katee did a really good job. But to Play Harley I think it takes someone who has played,and in my opinion is a natural at playing someone who is crazy and psychotic. That person in my opinion is Sherri Moon Zombie! Since her role as baby in House Of A Thousand Corpses and The Devils Rejects,Sherri Moon Zombie has been in my opinion as crazy as they come. So why not put Sherri Moon Zombie in the Harley Quinn role hunt? She has the right size for Harley. We know she can be as crazy as Harley. And she is married to Rob Zombie! Okay! I know her being married to Rob Zombie isn't a reason. But C'mon! That has to count for something!lol. Anyway,Let me know what you guys think! Do you think Sherri Moon Zombie would be a good fit for Harley Quinn? If not,who do you think should play the role?


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