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With Paranormal Activity 5 coming soon(waiting for it) and Blair Witch 3 coming whenever(Not waiting for that). To be honest I am not a fan of found footage horror films. I do like some though like the first Blair Witch, the first two Paranormal Activity films, both V/H/S movies and Cannibal Holocaust. But now we have found footage horror films coming out just about every month, and I am getting sick of the genre. Here is why

1. The stupid 'based on a true story'

Now this isnt just a gripe with most found footage horror. but most horror. I fucking hate the Based on true story. The reason why is because some people believe all of the movie happened. It irritates me because some stupid people will see that 'based on a true story' and say "oh man that really happened!' Yes because the paranormal activity movies happened. I know some movies are based on actual cases (The Exorcists, Amytiville Horror, And Mothman Prophecies) and some are based on real killers(Leatherface, Hannibal Lector, and Keyser Söze) and some are the films of the events(Henry:Portrait of a serial killer, and The Girl Next Door) But most horror films I think put 'based on a true story' just for publicity

2. We know the ending

Now Im not saying were going to know how ending will happen but we know that the main characters will die. Thats the whole point of found footage. Someone found the footage of 'missing people' This is something I absolutely hate about found footage horror. We know the characters are going to die. Now a movie like Cannibal Holocaust worked because we already knew the film crew was dead. The Blair Witch worked because it was one of the first Found Footage films of its kind, and no one knew of the kind of endings they would have. But after movies like Paranormal Activity, REC, Cloverfield and the Last Exorcism.

3. It ruins horror films greatest feature


The greatest thing horror movies has is suspense. That's what builds the fear. But with Found Footage, how can horror fans be scared? i understand non-horror fans being scared and surprised, but what about horror fans who know suspense. Who has felt suspense before from watching horror films. How can they be scared?

Well in the end I guess it what scares people. Some say what you dont see is scarier, and some say what you dont know is scarier. I honestly find both scary but if its done right. If not then in my opinion, it cant be scary.

Paranormal Activity 5 is coming out October 24, 2014.


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