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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is just a short week away, but we're already getting teased about the upcoming Spidey-spinoff, Sinister Six, which promises to showcase one of Marvel's best villain team-ups.

In the comics, the Sinister Six has featured a variety of Spider-man villains, most often including Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Electro, Kraven, Vulture and Mysterio.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean other villains won't make an appearance or at least serve as substitutes for some of the characters above. Mysterio, Kraven, and Vulture are probably a given since they haven't been featured on the big screen yet (Electro is obviously a given, as well). That leaves Doc Ock and Sandman, who've already had their onscreen debut in the previous Spider-man trilogy. That doesn't mean they won't be brought back, obviously, (they already reinvented Green Goblin, after all), but it's still possible that the Rhino will sub in for someone.

MTV decided to go to the source for this question, so they asked Dane DeHaan (who plays Green Goblin in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film. Here's what he had to say:

I don't know, you know, I hope so. There's six slots. I don't know, I don't know anything. I have no idea. I'm just happy to be here.

Doesn't sound good, if you ask me. Either Dane knows something we don't and doesn't want to spoil anything, or the producers are strictly keeping their Sinister Six cards close to their chest. Either way, it's unlikely Goblin would actually be a member of the Sinister Six, but I have little doubt someone at Oscorp will be pulling their strings.


Who will make the cut for Sinister Six?

Source: MTV


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