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I got to thinking lately, would Deadpool work more as a TV Show instead of a movie? Then I decided to have some Pros And Cons for a Deadpool Show, here we go:


If you make a movie you have to wait a few years for a sequel or maybe the movie won't even get a sequel! If you make a TV Show, however, you can get way more hours of content than a movie! You can have a Deadpool movie that is 120 minutes or you could have a whole season of a show that has maybe 7 episodes and is 45 minutes each episode which translates out to 315 minutes and there are at least one season of a show each year, and you dont have to wait 5 years for another episode, you only have to wait one week! Also, what else are you going to do on a Monday night?


Sadly, the problem with a weekly TV show is that the budget isn't big enough, you can't have a lot of blood, and you can not say the "F" word without it being bleeped out. Deadpool is not a family-friendly character, without blood, guts, and swearing, it wouldn't be the same. Unless the show is on HBO, Showtime, or AMC, we wont be getting any blood or swearing. Also, with a smaller budget the effects and cast won't be any big names. Now with a show, it can get cancelled at any time, and a lot of times, great TV shows get cancelled (Like Young Justice, Firefly, and Beware The Batman) so the show could suck.

Pros and Cons of a movie series


  • Bigger budgets
  • Better casts
  • Better production value
  • Blood, guts, and swearing (if R-rated)


You see, the problem with a possible Deadpool movie trilogy is if one movie sucks, a sequel cant get made and they dont have a chance to fix the damage by making a better film if the studio greenlights it after the disapointment, however with a TV Series if one episode sucks, they have many other chances to make the show better again. Also, you could have 3 movies that are about 120 minutes each, which would be 360 minutes of Deadpool goodness (or terribleness) or you could have a 5 Season show with 7 episodes each, 45 minutes each episode, which would be 1575 minutes of Deadpool.

So what do you want? A Ryan Reynolds big screen Deadpool trilogy or a Deadpool TV Show that goes on for about 5 Seasons starring Joel McHale from Community? (Sorry about the picture in the poll below, I am not great with photoshopping)


Which Do You Want?


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