ByBenzy Don Moses, writer at
Benzy Don Moses

So there's been a lot of talk on which X-Men character should have their own movie next. I've seen things and post on Gambit supposedly getting his own movie, which would be great if it's done right. Gambit who is a regular on the X-Men team has been missing in the X-Men movies. So it would be nice to see the ragin cajun get his due diligence! I also remember there being talks of Magneto getting his own movie. I must admit, I was excited about it when the idea first came about. But now after seeing them kinda explain his past in detail for X-Men First Class, I'm not so excited about seeing it. I mean what more can they tell us and show us that they haven't already? So now the question remains, what other mutant should have their own movie? One mutant I was thinking of was Apocalypse! Why not have an anti-hero movie and show how Apocalypse became so powerful. I think it would be a great way to introduce Apocalypse into the X-Men universe. You always see the good guys getting their own movies, and winning in the end. What about a movie where the bad guy wins? What about a movie where the bad guy is the star and the main attraction? That's the movie I want to see! So what do you guys think? Do you think Apocalypse should be the next mutant with his own movie? Or is their another mutant that's more deserving?


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