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Before I begin, let's get this out of the way... "We can get a talking raccoon on screen, but not a Wonder Woman movie." Honestly, talking animals have been in movies for a long time, while a female superhero movie is hard to execute. Stop comparing a talking raccoon who's on a team to Wonder Woman.

*sigh* anyway, after seeing fantasy picks for Wonder Woman were null and void after casting Gal Gadot as WW, people were raging, even I was a little disappointed. After a while, I said to myself "it could work." This is also a good time for Warners Bros to assign a separate team for the task of making a Wonder Woman movie ... Zack can't do it all. Now let's talk about the actresses the who could have been Wonder Woman or related to the character.

Gina Carano

A lot of us thought this was the one, she's got the built and the fighting skills for an Amazon. This was actually one of my first picks for WW, but I guess we're forced to adapt. I think she could play another Amazon in a WW movie or possibly another role entirely. All I know is this, if she is getting a role in this universe it has to utilize her skills as a fighter. We need excellent choreographed fight scenes. I might see her as Philippus, top general of Themyscira, the one who trains WW.

Bridget Regan

Can't lie, I was skeptical for the consideration of WW for her, but after thinking about it... she doesn't look bad for the role. Black hair, blue eyes, the works. I seen her on Legend of the Seeker and I think she has what it takes for being a good Amazon Princess. Now, who else can she play... honestly, I think she can play an Amazon because I think she has what it takes to be a lead in a Wonder Woman movie.

Lucy Lawless

I believe this woman was born to portray Diana Prince. I thought she was WW, she would be the most logical pick... in the past. Now, I think she really can't be, but I think I have a clear pick for what role she can play... Hippolyta!!!

This is can be the next lead role in the WW movie! When you do a casting the most fan can't get over, get an actress that can give the movie more substance. This is the perfect role for Lucy Lawless, and I know that I'm not the only one thinking it. WB/DC, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Serinda Swan

She was also one of my picks for WW. She has a good look for it and one of the other things she had was martial arts training prior. One thing that Gal Gadot lacks is the strength in her face, but Swan has it (though we haven't seen Gadot on screen yet for WW.) I think Swan could play another character. I mean she has play Zatanna from Smallville and frankly, I can see her not be an Amazon, but I still want to see her in a role she can shine in. Maybe Huntress?

Lynn Collins

I honestly think she might have been a considerable choice for the role, she kind of has the looks. Again, not sure exactly what role she can play now, but a future Amazon role for a WW movie might not be a bad one.

Other Amazons...

I haven't named everyone that was considered, but I throw some names out there just for possible other amazons.

Jessica Biel as Artemis

Some did want her as WW, but Artemis shouldn't be out of the question. She doesn't look bad for the role, and I think she can do. Also, she doesn't look bad as Sheira either.

There are so many other female characters that can shine in a WW movie or the DCCU as a whole and with all the other WW candidates, There's so many possibilities. I'm just going to throw a list out there.

  • Gemma Arterton
  • Taylor Cole
  • Tabrett Bethell: Mercy Graves
  • Olga Kurylenko
  • Amber Heard: Cassandra Sandsmark or Supergirl
  • Angelina Jolie: Circe maybe?
  • Alexandra Daddario: Donna Troy maybe?

Ok, so all of them are not WW material picks, but they can play a role. The actresses used in these audition can still be used. I know quite a few of you are still angry with WB casting choices, but I think Gal Gadot can be great, she just needs a great cast to up the WW movie. These are just ideas as well.

What do you think? Comment below and if you like share please! Here is Possible Wonder Women pt.2.


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