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Tim Tinashe Marecha

I know a lot of people HATED the film Drive. In fact the majority of people who saw thought it was either "boring",which is common reason why a majority of people,didn't love Drive as much as I do. In fact the so-called "boring" and "slow" parts were what made Drive a fantastic film.

You see, the minimal dialogue within the film, was what made it so great!

The silence & the body language is to me,what makes drive such a great film, sometimes silence can be louder than noise. Another issue people had with Drive is that the marketing sold it as some kind of 'Fast and Furious' kind rip-off, which is very true,the trailers did make it look like some F&F,just with The Notebook guy.

Drive delivers on so many levels,like originality, great score, great story and yes a great & believable romance.

To some it up, if you have never seen Drive, I urge you to go and watch it! If you have seen it and didn't like it, watch it again.With what I mentioned in your mind.

What did you guys thing of drive?

- Tim


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