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Like most of you guys,out there I had no clue what's so ever who in the galaxy (pun intended) the GOTG were, I mean lets be serious, none of us did! But as soon as it was announced there would be a live action film based around them, that's when I started obsessing and became a fan of the gang.

Anyways let me get down to it and answer some quick questions you guys may have!

"Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?"

To sum it up, the Guardians are a bunch of outlaws, who come together and become.. well guardians! So basically a bunch of anti-heroes who become ACTUAL heroes. The gang consists of:

Star Lord/Peter Quill (left in the picture); Played by non other than Chris Pratt, who judging from the trailers is a perfect fit for him! Star Lord is kind of like a Tony Stark/Indiana Jones with a lot more cockiness involved! If you're thinking "how can I relate with any of these aliens?" Well Star Lord is half human, if that helps!

Drax The Destroyer (Standing next to StarLord): Portrayed by David Batista, Drax is an alien who is basically on a rampage, across the galaxy to avenge the death of his family. He's kind of like the Hulk, the smaller version, but he can control his rage, I assume!

Gamora; Portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Gamora is basically the female Assassins Creed of the Outerspace and just to mention shes the adopted daughter of the big bad THANOS (big purple monster at the end of avengers) sorry if I spoiled the avengers for you.

Groot; Portrayed by, sorry I mean voiced by Vin Diesel, Groot is basically a talking tree! who only seems to say "I Am Groot" Groot is kind of like the only "innocent" one within the group I guess,yes forgot to mention he looks like a tree! Groot is basically a walking tree! who can rebuild himself!

Rocket Raccoon; "a talking raccoon" YUP, DC haven't given us Wonder Woman but we have a talking and shooting raccoon! rocket is the comic relief within the group, probably the most badass! Don't be fooled by his cute looks, rocket will totally kill ya! Rocket is a genetically engineered marksman and he's not to be messed with! (but still, a talking raccoon, is kind of funny) Oh and I forgot to mention, he's being voiced by Limitless actor Bradley Cooper!

"What's the actual plot of this film?"

Basically, this will be Avengers in space, from what I gather. The group of misfits will have to come together and take on a bigger force in the galaxy.

"I'm still not sold on this, I mean, I haven't seen anything like this!"

Exactly, The Guardians is going to be original, funny and also badass from the trailers I've seen,"don't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind here. Guardians might be Marvel's next Ironman, yup I have that much faith in this film! I hope that cleared things up for you guys!

GOTG Hits Cinemas in August.

Are you guys excited for this?

- Tim


Are you excited for GOTG?!


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