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Ok Oncers, be honest, who saw this twist coming? I seriously thought that our favorite characters had used a different way to return to Storybroke, and oh my! Was I wrong!

Let's dig in!


Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White and co. have to deal with the imminent treat that is the Wicked Witch. Oh boy! Right after Charming and snow find out she's pregnant they decide to announce the happy news to the kingdom, among the guests are Prince Phillip and Aurora, and they confess a deep buried secret. The wicked witch is after their baby! However, Zelena is not happy about this couple babbling and when she surprisingly arrives to the castle Phillip and Aurora are turned into flying monkeys! Is this the end of this happy couple? By end of the episode, we really don't know what happened to them.

Zelena freezes everyone around her, including Belle, who arrived to inform about Neil's fate after they escapade to revive Rumpel! And then the wicked witch proceeds to verify snows baby is right for her purposes. Then, the wicked sorceress leaves and eight months later they have done... nothing. They spend 8 months looking at Snow get bigger and bigger, but apparently is until the princess is almost about to give birth when everyone decides is time to find a way to defeat Zelena. They ask Robin to lead them into the castle in order to talk to Rumpel, and he does.

Rumpel is crazed by the two personalities living in him and is talking nonsense. However Belle is able to connect with him and he gives them a riddle to find the good witch and the light to defeat Zelena. After this, Snow and Charming, and Regina go to the edge of the Dark Forest and find the door that leads to Glinda, only snow and Charming are able to go through it, and they talk to the White Witch. She however is no help. Her powers are not enough to vanquish the witch, but not all is lost. Apparently she gave Zelena the jewel she carries around her neck, and this is were all her power rests, destroying it will mean destroying the witch. Only there's a catch, in order to get close to Zelena, very powerful light magic, magic born out of love, needs to be used. There's only one person powerful enough to do this: Emma.

Our heroes need to go back to Storybroke, and get Emma to vanquish the Witch. Snow asks Regina to cast the curse, but first she's not willing to sacrifice the thing she loves most, which is Henry, and second, there's no way she's capable of casting it, since she was the one who returned them to the Enchanted Forest in the first place. Someone else has to do it. And that someone is Snow White. Charming is super cool with the idea (I mean considering he has to die to enact the curse) and he's willing to do the ultimate sacrifice. His life for the chance to save his family. Snow, Regina and Charming get ready to cast the curse. Regina takes out Charming's heart, but is Snow the one that has to crush it. She does and Charming falls to her feet, she kisses him and Regina tells her that it was all worth it; they will defeat Zelena.

However Zelena is not so sure, she arrives at the castle moments after the curse has been cast, and even when she's not able to stop it, she has a way to spice it up! No memories for the people going back to Storybroke, the last year will be erased from their memories completely. Then she flies away to her castle to have fun with her monkeys. Snow asks Regina one last favor before going back, she asks her to split her heart. If they go back without memories and no Charming, Zelena wins. She needs to have him alive with her in order to find a way to defeat the evil witch. Regina thinks this plan won't work, that her heart might not be strong enough. But Snow believes, she feels that Charming's heart and hers is one, and it has been one since he woke her up from the sleeping curse. So Regina does as requested and she rips Snow's heart out, splice it in two and shoves into the Snowmings. Now they are one more than ever. Charming wakes up just before they are all swallowed by the smoke and off they go, back to Storybroke.

Then we have all that happened in Storybroke and wow was it fun! and fast and perfect! It was a packed action episode from the beginning. Like right after the opening scene in the Enchanted Forest we landed in Storybroke were Regina was lip-locked with Robin just outside Emma's room in Granny's. I mean like literally outside because Henry walked out and he saw them, kissing... k.i.s.s.i.n.g! Like there was no tomorrow. Regina was enjoying it, as was Robin.

After witnessing this Henry went to the dinner portion of this bed and breakfast and Regina walked into the room to discuss strategy for defeating her sister. They need to recover the memories from the last year, and in order to do that, Emma needs to kiss Henry and break the curse, but the problem is that this time, Henry doesn't believe. So, first task of the day. Making Henry believe!

"How in the world are we going to accomplish that?" is the question in our heroes minds. And then Mary remembers, the book! The fairy tale book that started the whole thing is the key to bring young Henry's memories!. So off they go to find it in tiny MM's apartment. Hook in the meantime never got close to the meeting, because the wicked witch kidnapped him. Rumpel delivered him in the truck of a car to Zelena, who told him that he should kiss Emma soon; otherwise, the first one to die would be Henry. Everyone leaves Granny's in order to go find the book, but before they leave Henry wants answers, however, Emma is not willing to give them to him. So she sends him back to Granny's and they go off to search the apartment. Henry has grown tired of waiting for the truth and he escapes Granny's to steal moms yellow bug. But ahoy mate! There’s a pirate watching Henry, and he insists that instead of running driving, he has a better way to send him to NYC.

In the apartment no one finds the book. Emma looks into a box and nothing, however when Mary looks into it. Presto Magic! The book is there. Truth be told, Emma does not want Henry to believe. But she has no other choice if they want to break the curse; Henry needs to remember. When they set to find Henry, he is nowhere to be found. Hook has taken him to the docks were Smee will gladly take him to New York. However winged freaky monkeys arrive to take Henry and ruin Hook’s plan. Hook tries to protect Henry, but moms Emma and Regina are already on their way, thanks to magical technology also know as GPS (Henry is a modern kid and has a smartphone in his pocket) they catch up with them in the docks to kill all flying monkeys (in my account, Walsh, Aurora, Phillip and Little John?) and Emma gives Henry the book, asking him to believe in her, in fairy tales and in magic. Henry touches the book and it does its stuff.

He remembers, but before Emma could kiss his forehead and break the curse, Zelena has taken the boy with his green smoke! Henry's neck is in the hands of the Wicked Witch and she is crushing the little boy. Regina tries to stop her, but Zelena sends her flying off, so it's up to Emma. She uses the magic she has and a pour of light falls on Zelena, burning her hands and releasing Henry. Before leaving, the Wicked Witch reminds them that the happy moments they have, are almost over. She will be back. Henry wakes Regina and they hug, then she tell his adoptive son that she loves him and kisses his forehead, breaking the curse. It was Regina's kiss that made everyone remember, and even when they now know that certainly Emma is the key, they also remember that they did not send Hook to get her. Who send for Emma then? Emma tells Hook that he can't trust her since he didn't told her about Zelena cursing him.

And we have a final flashback to Fairytale land. In the Enchanted Forest, Zelena was ready for the curse, she prepared a potion to remember the missing year, she has two. She gives one to Rumpel and the other one she drinks in the spot. Then she leaves the room taking the dagger with her. Rumpel leaves his cage and decides to drink the potion. But before he can. Neil takes over his body and ties the potion to a bird with a note. It was Neil!

He sends the dove to find Killian in hopes of getting Emma to Storybroke and help defeat Zelena.

Will they be able to stop the witch before Snows gives birth? Which by the way is next episode since Snow goes into labor just before the episode ends.In other notes, Henry is super happy that his adoptive mom is getting close to a certain thieve. And later Emma takes Henry to visit his father's grave. (R.I.P Neil)

Next week we have a new character joining OUAT's family! Welcome to Kansas everyone; it's time to meet Dorothy Gale!


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