ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

It has been confirmed that Man of Steel and Man of Steel 2 director Zack Snyder will helm the Justice League movie. Even though there hasn’t been much development on that part of the franchise, we have been getting a lot of new stories about new DC characters appearing on the Batman Vs Superman, most recently Cyborg, which gave hints that it will lead into the JL movie (no release yet, hopefully we will get something on this soon).

Now I have sort of mixed feelings about this, I loved what Snyder did with MoS and I trust that he will make a good MoS2. I also think that he is a right fit for the job, he knows action, he knows the universe and having one mind crossing over all the franchises will help with consistency and a better construction of the universe. However, I just wished they had gotten someone else, one of the many right things that Marvel does is that gets multiple directors for their franchises and by this they experience and explore new talent. By this they keep a more diverse style in their universe, but still keeping everything mixed together. Having said all this, I still believe that he will do a good job (more on this depending on how MoS2 comes out) and even though I wished they had gotten someone else, this pick is perfect for what the movie is.

Now what is left to know is when we will see the Justice League come together and who will be the main bad-guy (because I think it will influence a lot on how they decide to handle their universe from then on).


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