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I'll admit, I'm not a comic book enthusiast. I know, I know, I'm sorry. I left that duty to my brother. I was too busy roller skating pretending I was Olivia Newton John in Xanadu, but I digress. So, I don't know all of the Marvel and DC characters, but I'm not totally ignorant about them either. I guess I absorbed some of that information simply through sibling osmosis, but, there's always been part of me that has enjoyed superhero movies and TV shows. I think Christopher Reeve really nailed that appreciation for me with his turn as Superman. Reeve was such a force on the big screen that he still looms large in my mind as I sit and watch any superhero movie to this day.

So, with Reeve in mind, I took my son and his friend to see the second installment of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973). I was excited to see this movie. I really liked the first film and was impressed with Chris Evans as our national pride and joy, Captain America. Those are some big shoes to fill and I think Evans does a great job portraying the sincerity, honesty and integrity of the character. I would love for him to crack a few jokes here and there, but then I have to remind myself that he's not Tony Stark and this isn't 'Iron Man'. I was halfway hoping that Iron Man might make a cameo in 'Winter Soldier,' but no such luck, a semi-funny reference to him will have to suffice.

I have to say that this second installment is definitely amped up compared to the first one. There are some serious car chase scenes where I thought I was watching 'The Bourne Identity' or 'Salt' for a few minutes. I didn't mind. I love a good car chase scene, especially one where you realize you're shoving popcorn in your face at a rate to match the chase happening on the big screen. That's good stuff. I love getting to know Black Widow better as well as the totally awesome Nick Fury. Fascinating characters. And Falcon? Dude. That fancy winged flying suit was the shizzle! I'm hoping to see more of that in the next installment. I wonder what Iron Man thinks about that suit? Sorry. I just really like Iron Man. Back to Captain America.

What a coup it is to have Robert Redford in your superhero movie! How did that happen? It was kind of like seeing Kevin Costner in the most recent 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' movie. Or, wait, hold on, Kevin Costner was in a recent superhero movie wasn't he? Yes, I saw '[Man of Steel](movie:15593).' I'm not a total dunderhead. It was just kind of crazy watching Bob Redford in a big budget Marvel movie. It's not something I thought would ever happen and I think that made it even sweeter. I've been a Redford fan since I saw 'The Way We Were' back in the day, way back in the day. I was very young, single digits still, but he made an impression.

And so do Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie. Sebastian Stan is imposing as the Winter Soldier, and at different times I really wanted to see him go down for good, so I think that says he pulled off the role pretty darn well. I'm certain we'll see him again. Will he remember who he really is the next time around? I guess that's the big mystery. Too bad Toby Jones won't be back as creepy ole' Dr. Arnim Zola. I'm pretty sure his super cool retro technology bunker has been successfully blown to bits. Makes it pretty difficult to make any further appearances in the future.

So, all in all, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys this genre of film. If you don't like action sequences, fight scenes and a loud volume, skip it. This isn't for you. Or maybe bring your earplugs and give it a shot. But, as far as superhero comic movies go, I give it an A. The plot twists, acting, action and special effects are well done. I'm ready for the next installment Captain. America that is, not Kirk. And that's the Reel Deal movie review.


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