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With the box office success that was Man of Steel, raking in a nice $670 million world wide, it was safe to assume that Zack Snyder would return to direct the sequel, currently known as Batman vs Superman. But with the movie still stuck in limbo between preproduction and production, you would think that Warner Bros. would wait to see how the sequel came out before tapping in the director for the Justice League movie. However, tonight Warner Bros deciding to kill speculation execution style by announcing that Zack Snyder would indeed be the director of the Justice League movie, slated to be the next DC movie after Batman vs Superman.

"Nolanverse? Never heard of it! :D"
"Nolanverse? Never heard of it! :D"

The news originates from the Wall Street Journal, who picked up the scoop from Greg Sullivan (Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Production), who also reports that the script is being written and that all three members of the new Trinity, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill, will reprise their roles for the film. The film is slated to be out sometime in 2018. In the article, Sullivan says:

"It will be a further expansion of this universe. Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League."

So not only does this confirm speculation that Batman vs Superman is in fact a Justice League prequel, but it also adds credibility to the rumor that Batman vs Superman and Justice League shall be filmed simultaneously.

But this does make me wonder what is to come with the rest of DC movies? They seem to be putting a lot of faith into Zack Snyder by having him be the director of the first 3 DC live action movies and this is slowly going from the "DC Cinematic Universe" to "Zack Snyder's DC Cinematic Universe." Personally, as much as I liked Man of Steel, I would have preferred a new director for Justice League, especially since they have a Best Director Oscar Winning Ben Affleck on their payroll. Guess we'll just have to wait in see. For now I guess..In Snyder we Trust...?

Tell me what ya think about this news. Are you excited? Would you have preferred a different director? Is Warner Bros. ruining your childhood and you vow to never see these movies only to see these movies opening night? Let me know!


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