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Melanie Lim

Dreamworks releases a snippet of their latest movie How To Train Your Dragon 2. The time is set five years after they defeat the Mother Dragon and opens with a scene reminiscent of the first movie Hiccup badmouthing Berk and its pests, only this time, Berk has become friendly to fire-breathing reptiles and the Vikings host Dragon Races. They give a quick run-through on all the characters fans love from the Dragon Riders, to the ex-Dragon Slayers, to the beloved Dragons themselves!

It's incredible to see how not much has changed with the Riders. Astrid remains quite bossy and competitive, Ruffnut and Tuffnut bicker less but are still troublemakers, Snotlout continues to play Don Juan with the ladies, and Fishlegs is less timid yet mirrors the aggression of a gamer. And the designated war paints on the Riders and their Dragons are bomb.

But what I love most is that the other dragons were finally given names! See if you can catch them during the 5 minutes!


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