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Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) has been one of the most influential figures of the show. Along with Meredith Grey, Dr. Yang is my favorite character on the show. I love how much she has grown as a strong woman, as well as a kick ass surgeon. One of the things I loved watching, was the chemistry between her and the wonderfully handsome Dr. Preston Burke. How he admired her skills, and make her an even better surgeon, made me say "Aww!" Although their relationship was not always an easy one, in my opinion, he is still the only man that wasn't intimidated by her success.

I looked forward to every Thursday night, just to see their relationship blossom and evolve. And for once, I saw Dr. Yang actually open up and fall for Dr. Burke. I knew they were always meant to be. So I was excited when he finally purposed! (Even I said "Yes!" out loud.) I was on the edge of my seat, thinking of all the happy days and great surgeries they'll spend together. I've always thought that they're the one couple that'll never split up.

Boy, oh, boy was I completely wrong...

When the episode of their wedding premiered, I had a huge bowl of popcorn and was wearing my lovely pair of pj's. The more the episode progressed, the more I noticed how much Dr. Burke looked uncomfortable. A deep, depressing gut feeling began to take place. Since I've been watching this show since it aired in 2005, I always know that the creator Shonda Rhimes had something shocking happen in the end of the episode.

I thought that someone was going to die, and the wedding had to be postponed. When that didn't happen, and instead, Burke called off the wedding and broke up with Yang; I cried like a baby into my big bowl of popcorn. Hoping it wasn't true, I watched that episode over and over again until it finally hit me. The episode truly didn't disappoint, but I really did feel for Yang. I can relate to having finally let down your walls and letting someone in. To love them with all that you got, and some more, when in the end they smash and tear your heart apart. Making you build those walls up once again.

My mother and I had hoped and commented that it would be epic if Burke ever came back to the show, to sweep Yang off her feet, again. Year after year, season after season, I still had faith that Burke would come back. How could Shonda not have him come back?!


Last week's episode was about Cristina Yang not winning the Harper Avery award, which shocked me to the core. Yang was still reeling from the disappointing event, all the while, ignoring everyone. I had a feeling, that something prevented her from winning that prestigious award. And I was right! While the former chief of surgery Richard was talking to Dr. Avery (The mother, not the son.) He finds out that Yang had the most votes, the only reason she didn't win was because The Avery Foundation owns a big portion of the hospital. Of course he was furious, saying that she used Yang for the hospital.

Irritated, Dr. Avery threatened to leave with her $24 million. Richard then fired back, telling her that he wasn't there to argue with her. That he was there, because he made reservations to her favorite restaurant, while there, he would purpose to her because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. While still in shock, Richard puts the box on the table and leaves.

At the end of the episode, Owen finds a distraught Cristina in the shower, with her clothes still on. He finally tells her that she could have won, if it wasn't for The Avery Foundation, and that they are no longer funding her research project. With those two low blows to the heart, and the fact that she lost a patient she worked with for over a year, she walks out of the hospital without saying good-bye to anyone. Not even Meredith! Just as my mom was about to turn it, the previews to next week's episode come on. And lo and behold! Preston Burke enters the classroom where she's giving a lecture! Without missing a beat, we both yell out "He's back! Preston Burke is back!"

I'm dying to see this week's episode, to finally know if Cristina Yang takes back the charming Preston Burke. Let's hope that he apologizes a million times, and she can finally forgive him so they can spend forever together. (Fingers crossed.)


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