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Batman vs Superman is still some way away, but that hasn't stopped it generating controversy faster than almost any other film could.

First there was the Battfleck backlash, then the backlash to the backlash - and most recently people have been questioning Gal Gadot, the actress chosen to play Wonder Woman in the movie.

But it seems that the Israeli actress might have some defenders of her own, and they include her Fast & Furious co-star Gina Carano.

Carano in fact might have played Wonder Woman herself. It is something many fans called for, believing her to have the toughness that Gadot is said to lack.

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In a recent interview Carano spoke about that speculation, and gave her support to Gadot as the amazon in Batman vs Superman. Speaking about her own involvement she said:

I was never approached, and I don’t know if I was considered.

She then went on to give her thoughts on Gadot:

I worked with her on Fast & Furious 6, and she’s amazing. Such a great person with such a solidness in her character, so I’m very excited for her to do that.

I think people have an idea what they consider Wonder Woman. I definitely know (Gadot) has been training and there’s so much more that goes into being a strong female character. I think people have their own idea, but I always like the underdog, I’m always rooting for the underdog. If the world says you can’t do something, I couldn’t care less because that’s not how anybody should live their lives.

So Gadot at least has Carano in her corner. And Gadot could probably learn something from the actress, especially in scenes like the one below, where she shows just what she's capable of:

So what do you think? Who would make the better Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot, or Gina Carano?

Write the reason for your choice in the comments below the line!

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Who would make the better Wonder Woman - and why?


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