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Transformers: Age of Extinction is now only a couple of months away, and cinemas everywhere are getting filled with promotional material from the movies.

But what they've been sent here is particularly cool - a standee showing Optimus Prime charging into battle astride the Dinobot, Grimlock.

Take a look at the fearsome image here:

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Things aren't always so tight between the pair, however. As this recent TV spot shows, at some point during the movie they are locked in combat in an unknown jungle location.

So, with Mark Wahlberg taking over as the lead from Shia LaBeouf, the introduction of the Dinobots, and the government hunting down the Transformers - do you think that Transformers: Age of Extinction could be the best Transformers movie yet?

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Will Transformers: Age of Extinction be the best movie in the series so far?


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