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Brian Singer probably won't be talking much more about X-Men: Days of Future Past due to the nasty child abuse allegations hanging over him which will restrict his media appearances.

But when he did last speak in public, he let fans in on a secret regarding Scarlet Witch, a character many fans believed they had spotted in a recent TV spot.

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As it turns out, it isn't the Scarlet Witch fans saw, but her little sister! Singer even revealed there *was* a scene that referenced Scarlet Witch, but it was cut.

Is that the Scarlet Witch? No, that's his little sister. I even had a line which I cut, where Quicksilver's mother says to the little girl, 'Go up and bug your sister,' and the little girl says, 'She bugs me!' You never see the older sister, but it was to imply that there is an older sister for comic book fans. I ended up cutting it.

Scarlet Witch is the sister of Quicksilver, who is set to appear in the upcoming movie, and may even get an expanded role in future movies. Speaking about this character Singer said:

Even though our Quicksilver is not a main character like in The Avengers, it's a character there's a lot of thought and concern about and it's a character I'd like to explore further in the sequel.

So that looks like it will be all we'll here from Singer for a while. But what do you make of what he said about X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Would you like to see the Scarlet Witch appear in future X-Men movies?

And do the allegation hanging over Singer make you fear for the future of this X-Men series?

Write in with your thoughts below

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Which X-Men character would you most like to see more of?


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