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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 will be its last - but that doesn't mean it will be the last we hear from Jax and the rest of the SAMCRO crew.

Kurt Sutter, the shows creator, recently answered fan questions as part of an interview with the veteran broadcaster Larry King - and he made some surprising revelations about his intended Sons of Anarchy prequel.

Although Sutter's next project will be a bloody medieval drama called The Bastard Executioner, which will be set and filmed in Britain, it seems that the early days of Jax is something already very much already on his mind.

Asked whether he had any plans to release Jax's Journal at the end of Season 7, Sutter said that it was something he had considered, but that now he was going to hold it back:

The idea initially was to make John Teller's manuscript a book, and I think I'm going to wait until I do the prequel, because so much of that informs the prequel.

You can see the whole interview here:

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 ended with the death of Jax's wife Tara, killed by his mother Gemma, and there has been speculation that Jax might leave SAMCRO to avenge her in Season 7. It will certainly be a shock when he discovers that Gemma was the killer.

But what do you expect from Sons of Anarchy Season 7? And do you think a prequel would be a good idea?

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Do you think a Sons of Anarchy prequel would be a good idea?


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