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FX's Sons of Anarchy is fast approaching its endgame. The upcoming Season 7 will be the last and, considering Kurt Sutter's love of brutally killing off the main characters, it's almost a certainty there will be blood when all is said and done.

But perhaps it doesn't have to be this way.

Kim Coates and Mark Boone Junior, who play Tig and Bobby on the show, were asked to describe the ideal ending for their characters. Here's their idea of a happy SAMCRO ending:

Boone: We are going into the Christmas tree business.

Coates: Seriously, he is playing Santa and I am one of his elves

Boone: And that would be the sales pitch. Little advertisements in Charming (where the club is headquartered).

Coates: The Christmas tree business. F. k, that’s great!

There's a spin-off possibility right there. Tig and Bobby's Christmas Miracle: Rise of the Gun Runners.

Or something like that.


Will Tig and Bobby survive the final season?

(Source Calgary Herald)


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