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When he's not playing Quinn on FX's Sons of Anarchy, Rusty Coones is known to ride about with the Hells Angels. The gang hardly have the reputation of old but the cops are still keen to keep them under thumb. At the famous Laughlin River Run biker rally, a group of Angels including Quinn had a run in with the police when a rival gang were seen setting up next door. TMZ reports that:

A ton of officers descended and shut him down. Cops also closed the booths on either side -- run by a member of rival gang Vagos Motorcycle Club -- police feared violence between the 2 groups.

Things may indeed have kicked off but if the Vago's lawyer is to be believed, the two gangs we're getting on fine before the authorities showed.


Sons of Anarchy's 7th and final season is expected later this year.


Who would you least like to have been in this situation?


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