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Warning: Mild spoilers for The Walking Dead to follow.

The Walking Dead Season 4 was probably the closest adaptation to the comic books we've had so far, with some scenes lifted almost directly from page to screen.

There is one massive event in the comics, however, that has never made it onto the show: the Governor cutting off Rick's hand. It was believed the reason for this was creator, Robert Kirkman, regretted dismembering Rick in the comics and didn't want to repeat it on the show. But during a Q & A he revealed this is not actually the case.

Kirkman appeared on The Writer's Room for Sundance TV, and we have a clip below for you to check out. In it, Kirkman talks about his decision to let Rick keep his hand, for now:

Rick's going to loose a hand in Season 5? Holy crapballs that's fu....

What? He was joking? Ah...

I think it's the correct decision to let Rick keep his hand on the show. It was a thrilling storyline in the comics, but I don't think it would translate as well to the small screen. Spending entire episodes watching him struggle to button up his shirt or tie a shoe lace? No thanks. We get to see enough of that over at King's Landing...

What say you Dead-Heads? Would you like to see Rick lose his hand on the show?


Do you want to see Rick lose a hand?


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