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Here's a joke for you: What do you call a zombie-apocalypse TV show without any actual zombies?

The Walking Dead on NBC!

OK, so my standup comedy career is probably dead already, but there is some truth behind the joke. TWD creator, Robert Kirkman, has revealed NBC was interested in adapting the comic, but on one condition: the show couldn't include zombies.

Here's Kirkman to explain:

It [The Walking Dead] actually did almost get made at NBC. It didn’t get made because when the pilot was turned in, the famous story is one of the executives said, ‘This is awesome. I really love this. Does it have to have zombies in it?

Kirkman continued:

You couldn’t have done that kind of show at that network. We were very concerned early on what kind of gore we were going to be able to film and what kind of boundaries we were going to be able to push with the show. And AMC has this thing called Fearfest, and so to ease our minds, they just edited together this four minute clip of the most horrendous bits of gore that you could see on the network.

Praise all that is undead and gory that AMC stepped in and gave us the show we've all come to love. Can you imagine [The Walking Dead](series:201193) without any actual walkers? It would be like having The Sopranos without gangsters or Two and a Half Men without funny jokes.

Actually, that last one isn't so far fetched...


Would you watch TWD without walkers?

(Source ComicBook)


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