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Scott Wilson, who played the bearded sage Hershel on The Walking Dead, recently participated in a Twitter Q & A to talk all things zombie apocalypse.

First up he was asked what Hershel's reaction would be if Beth hooked up with Daryl:

The next question delved a little deeper, asking how Hershel would react if Daryl and Beth had a baby:

I think the first issue Hershel would have is making sure his daughter was still alive. It's quite hard to have kids if you're chopped up into little pieces on top of a grill.

That being said, Beth and Daryl grew close at the end of Season 4, and considering we've been promised more romance in Season 5, there's a big chance the two of them could get it on - as long as she's not dead meat, obviously.

Do you think Daryl and Beth will hook up? Let me know below the line.


Will Daryl and Beth hook up?

(Source Twitter, via ComicBook)


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