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The Expendables 3 clearly doesn't have a big enough cast already - Hulk Hogan is reportedly set to join the team for the next installment.

Bulgarian site is reporting that Hogan is set to star in The Expendables 4. The wrestler would be following in the hallowed shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Randy Couture if he were indeed to join the franchise.

There has been no confirmation as yet from the studio, though there is very much expected to be a fourth installment of the franchise, with Pierce Brosnan apparently already having signed on the dotted line for an appearance. Hogan would make a certain amount of sense, though, with the series having a seemingly unquenchable thirst for new action heroes, and the Hulkster being one of the few not yet to have appeared.

What do you guys think though? Would Hulk Hogan be a good addition to the franchise? Let me know below!


Would Hulk Hogan make a good Expendable?



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