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The Expendables series of movies is famous for being a hark back to the days of the big spectacle 80s action hero, when juggernauts fought on top trains and shot down helicopters - before things got all clever and Paul Greengrass-y in the 2000s.

But with Stallone and Schwarzenegger now 67 and 66 respectively, might this be the time for a new generation to take over? The new movie is subtitled One Last Time, after all.

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The trailer for the new movie introduces quite a few new faces - check it out here, and then read more on the latest arrivals below:

So who are the new arrivals?

Well first up, one of the more recognizable faces:

Smilee: Kellan Lutz who appeared in the Twilight series and was also in The Legend of Hercules earlier this year.

Mars: Victor Ortiz a boxer of Mexican decent who is the former WBC Welterweight Champion.

Thorn: Glen Powell, who played a trader in The Dark Knight Rises.

Luna: Ronda Rousey, possibly the toughest of the bunch, a MMA fighter and Olympic medalist in Judo.

So what do you think?

Are these guys capable of stepping into the shoes of Schwarzenegger and Stallone - or are they just filler for a movie featuring the more heavyweight stars?

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Could The Expendables continue without its two biggest stars?


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