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Mark Newton

If you had any doubt that Gareth Edwards' Godzilla would hark back to the original Toho classic, then look no further than this new Fangoria magazine cover.

We get another look at our titular beast, and it seems like he's piled on some serious poundage since his 1998 outing. Check him out below:

Although he might look a bit like a man in a rubber suit, there's no reason to suggest the story will be the same as the 1954 original. Indeed, the new Asian trailer for Godzilla even suggests the mighty lizard could be on humanity's side... kind of. Check that out here and see what you think.

What kind of Godzilla would you prefer? A friendly neighbor defender, or a mighty-toed urban leveler? Let us know below.


What type of Godzilla do you prefer?


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