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The Mad Max reboot, Max Mad Fury Road, might have finished principal photography in 2012, but we've still yet to see anything from the Tom Hardy starring post-apocalyptic-destruction-derby-action-flick. Despite this, the video game accompaniment, simply titled Mad Max, has released two rather action-filled trailers showing off Max's car - the Magnus Opus. Check them out below:

From the looks of things, the Mad Max game will be a cross between Need For Speed, Fallout and Carmageddon - which isn't exactly a terrible thing. Unfortunately, it seems like Warner Bros, who are producing both the movie and video game iterations of Mad Max, has decided to also delay the release of the video game - similarly pushing it back to 2015.

That might seem like quite a wait, but at least you'll get all your Mad Max goodness at once.

What do you think? Does this look like a good game, or another poorly produced cinematic cash-in job? Let us know below.


What do you think of the Mad Max video game trailer?


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