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Rory O'Connor

There is a film called Zombie Fight Club. It has absolutely nothing to do with David Fincher's late 90's favourite. It's a post apocalyptic outing which finds some survivors of the onslaught in a gladiator fight-for-your-freedom style scenario.

Zzzz you say? Well, perhaps not.

A trailer just dropped and, in all honesty, it actually doesn't look so bad. Have a glance and see for yourself. Or don't. We wont judge.

Ok ok, those chains at the start are pretty god awful but aside from that there's a nice quick tone, a grimy palette and a half decent premise. There might even be a few scares to boot. In fact, you can sign us up for that badly translated tagline alone...

Despair. Ruin. Doom. Fight. Escape. All you can do is shrieking.

What a zinger.

There's an actor credited as MC Hotdog for gods sake.

Zombie Fight Club will apparently play Cannes next month?

Oh come on now...

(Via. Bloody-disgusting)


How bad?


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