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With the announcement of Wonder Woman making an appearance in the upcoming Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman fans everywhere have been wondering if we will see Wonder Woman vs Superman as well.

Speculation is rampant and hardcore fans are weighing in all over the internet, including Why just speculate though? Lets take a look at some of the comics and see if we can't find an answer.

First lets see what Batman has to say:

Looks like Batman is team Diana. He might be biased though.

You have condoms in that utility belt, right? 
You have condoms in that utility belt, right? 

Lets take another look at a fight between the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess.

Im with Max....
Im with Max....

Looks like Sups has her....

Ouch, lasers to the face!


Looks like Diana was able to use her years (Training since birth...) of training to find a weakness.

Did she just draw blood? Sups looks hurt.

So Diana is kicking Supermans ass....but shes holding back...interesting.

Sups broke her wrist like a twig. Diana dodges a punch (she must be fast) he is about to fry her but wait.....

She is literally kicking his ass!

Sups is up again, she better do something fast.

She just slit his throat with a tiara....

Superman can't even believe it! Now its time to finish this.

That's right, she is a bad ass warrior who will kill when needed.

Awwww Superman doesn't agree...Maybe they will kiss and make up?

this girl gets around
this girl gets around

So I think that both Superman and Wonder Woman are powerful beings. My money is on the Warrior Princes that has been training her whole life though. Superman may be stronger and faster but Diana is smarter in battle and has a better fighting style. Super Man is a brawler he doesn't use skill, just brawn. Keep in mind that Diana also has magic swords that could slice him and they may be more effective than her tiara....

What do you guys think, will we see Wonder Woman face off against Superman in the new movie? Also, if you think Superman would win tell me why.


Who wins?


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