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I am far from the biggest anime fan out there, in fact I used to totally despise the genre, until I watched Spirited Away and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which impressed an anime hater like me.

After watching those two films, I decided to check up online to find any "cool" animes which I would like, but only ended up finding shows which didn't peak my interest at all. Until I found Eyeshield 21.

Eyeshield 21, is such a diamond in the dirt? Rough? Don't know how that saying goes, but this show is utterly great and addictive, with a smart premise.

I'll give you a quick overview of what the show's about; the action focuses around Sena Kobayakawa who's the kid we're all rooting for.

Sena is this very shy school kid, who has a talent for running fast and with that ability he uses it to play for the school's football team. Well he's kind of forced into playing for them at first, the premise is very funny because Sena doesn't want anyone to know he plays for the school football team, so he poses as this "Eyeshield 21" who only gets seen on games, but never around the school! This is what makes this show so smart.

Its funny to see this kid live two lives, one as this shy kid and the other as this legendary football player who everyone loves, but doesn't know who he is because he doesn't take his mask off, literally he doesn't.

You'll get used to the subtitles after a while and you will truly love this show, even if you're NOT a fan of Anime.

- Tim


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