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Tim Tinashe Marecha

As a fan of X-men (not their biggest' but I am a fan & my interest & love for the X-men has increased from watching the old cartoon on Netflix!

I've always being a fan of Wolverine as a kid & yes I'm in the small group that actually liked X-men Origins,yup,don't judge me though.

Anyways were I'm getting to with this is that,I am actually getting bored of wolverine always being the main character,when there are greater characters around like Cyclops,Jubilee,Nightcrawler & yes Remy Etienne LeBeau AKA Gambit .

But obviously Fox needs a character they can centre the x-men universe around,so why not Gambit himself? I did think of Cyclops,but he in my eyes anyways is plain boring! & no one really cares or even likes Cyclops,come on lets be serious.Gambit in my view is one of the coolest,or the coolest character within the Marvel World & I think it should be & probably will be his turn to take over as the main,like Logan.If you don't know who gambit is well;

"Gambit is a charming master thief turned X-Man. He possesses the mutant ability to charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy, causing them to explode, he is also extremely agile because of his powers. Gambit's signature move is throwing charged playing cards"

Everyone loves gambit,all those who know about the old X-men will know about gambit and his wittiness & the guy he is on paper and TV would translate greatly onto the big screen,as a replacement for Logan.Gambit could not be the lead of the X-men but instead be our p.o.v like wolverine has being for all these years.

Gambits back story is very interesting,I mean he was a master thief & I've being waiting to see another anti-hero on the big screen other than Jack Sparrow! gambit is fairly known amongst the comic book community and by some non comic book readers,all you have to do is revive the character and give him back the status he had.

Profit wise,Gambit can sell,you can do alot more with a gambit movie than you could a Scott Summers film,just look at his back story! From what ive being seeing via online,the FOX team have hinted about wanting to have gambit on the big screen,with possibly Channing Tatum playing him? which,I don't really mind!

I'm not a wolverine hater just to say,I'm just thinking future wise,because the x-men has such rich characters,who need to be explored,so I say gambit should grab the mantle from wolverine and become our "main character" as to say


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