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It has now been officially announced that Warner Bros. will go into production on a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie that will most likely be released sometime in 2017. Warner Bros. also confirmed that Man Of Steel and Batman Vs Superman director Zack Snyder will direct the film. There is also a rumor circulating that Justice League will film back to back with Batman Vs Superman!

So they finally confirmed it! I mean we all knew it was eventually going to happen. But I did not see the announcement coming this soon. My prediction was that Warner Bros. were going to see how Batman Vs Superman did at the box office before announcing Justice League. But obviously Batman Vs Superman is going to make a lot of money. For me this isn't the big news. The real news is that Zack Snyder will be directing the film.

I loved Man Of Steel which came out last year, and I'm sure he'll do great with Batman Vs Superman, but I was hoping for someone new to direct Justice League. I was really hoping that Warner Bros. would take advantage of having Ben Affleck as Batman and get him to direct the film but hopefully he'll direct some of the Batman stand alone films.

So I'm not completely happy with the news, I was hoping for a new director. But WB are playing it safe. Synder did a decent job with Man Of Steel so they're keeping him on so they really know what they're getting.

Are you guys excited by this news?


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