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With Batman vs Superman coming in two years and the Justice League going to be released sometime in 2018, a lot of hype is coming for DC, and as a DC fan I thought I should list possible Candidates for the villains and actors who could play them. With out further ado lets begin. Please note I wont list Darkseid, as I dont think he should be the villain of their first movie.

1. Ocean Master, and the Atlantean Army

No this one I find unlikely but if they have Ocean Master as the villain in Justice League, it would be a great way on introducing Aquaman into the series. We could have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman training Cyborg on being a hero, have them meet Aquaman, who comes to them in a time of need. We can have him know wonder woman as the two met in the past, and they trust Aquaman because of hero. They work together to help Aquaman stop Ocean Master from taking over earth. You could possibly work in Green Lantern and The Flash too. Coming to help when the Atlantean army invades. Unfortunately Im not sure which actor could play him

2. Brainiac

We've seen hints of him in Man Of steel. And he would be a world threat that can take the League on easily. This villain could also bring in Superman's cousin Supergirl. He could come to earth hoping to collect it, and have Superman, Batman,v cyborg and Wonder woman take him on. We Can have Hal Jordan(or John Stewart) try and defend earth with the Flash. Again we can introduce Aquaman, coming to aid earth. The Actor I think who could play Brainiac is Keanu Reeves. The almost no emotion in acting would be perfect for the role as Braniac.

3. White Martians

This is another I think will be unlikely. But it would be a great way to introduce Martian Manhunter. The war with his people is so great he seeks aid on earth. I find this unlikely because it would be mimicking the pilot episodes to the DACU version of Justice League. However if I could pick anyactor to play j'onn j'onzz it would be Edris Elba.

4. Starro

This fiendish starfish is a planetary threat. With the power of total contol of someone, it will cause the league to join forces and try to stop him. Also you have many possibilites for Starro. Introducing Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. Having the heroes battle each other(Which we know will be awesome)

5. Lex Luthor and the Secret Society.

Now this idea makes the most sense is the one that is possible for the movie. Luthor, after being beaten by Batman, and Superman, and seeing the power Wonder Woman has, finds out there are more heroes on earth(Cyborg, Flash, Shazam, Green Lantern, Aquaman, etc) and decides to achieve his goal he must create a team to take them out. The team he makes I hope will be Sinestro, Joker, Giganta, Black Manta, Deathstroke, Black Adam. They also had Emil Hamilton in Man of Steel who has ties to Secret Society.

I hoped you enjoyed this list of possible villains for the league. I hope you all give your opinions on my ideas, and even list your own. Please bear in mind this list is personal choice. Also list villains you want the league to fight in the movie


Who should the league fight


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