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Following last weeks controversial episode, “Breaker of Chains,” the viewers of Game of Thrones seemed to be divided in their response to the incestuous rape scene. Many cried out that it was altered too much from the original scene in "A Storm of Swords" whilst others reminded us that it is, infact, an adaptation for television and George R.R. Martin oversees the whole process. Thus any deviation from the text should not affect the longterm character arcs or story lines.

Brienne before receiving "OathKeeper"
Brienne before receiving "OathKeeper"

Whatever side of the fence viewers fell on, it didn't affect the ratings of the show. Directed by Michelle McLaren, responsible for the infamous 'To'hajiilee' episode of Breaking Bad, (possibly one of the best hours of television ever) the episode entitled "OathKeeper" delivered a colossal all-time high of 6.9 million. Edging out the previous best, which was set earlier this season across three plays, totaling 8.4 million viewers.

It is no surprise that HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for season 5 & 6 with ratings like these. Could we be watching the best television show ever produced? In the new era of 'Quality Television', "The Sopranos" has been the show that has set the unreachable standard of quality and popularity. Is a shift beginning to happen for the title of "Godfather of TV"?

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