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If you have ever ran away from home,built a house in the middle of the woods,with your best friends,then you will definitely relate with this film!

'Kings of Summer' is probably one of the BEST 'coming of age' films I have ever seen,period.I randomly landed on a trailer of this masterpiece on youtube,was king of put of with the minimal number of views,but that didn't stop me,I sat down a couple of nights after that and completely loved every single moment of this film,it was relatable,funny,serious,but it all worked.

To some up the premises, 3 boys run way from their "annoying" families to build a house in the middle of the woods,which they thought would complete their teenage lives.Yes you guessed it,everything doesn't turn out as they thought it would (spoiler alert) because of a girl! not really surprised to be honest.

Kings of summer has some great performances especially from the 3 boys,the friendship between the 3 boys doesn't seem fake and it works so well that you feel like your not watching a film,but your just watching 3 good friends in the daily lives,the story was good,there wasn't really any character development but I dont think it was needed (odd thing to say i know) these teenagers.

The coolest aspect int the film has to definitely be the 'wood house' they build within the woods,that made me want to pack my bags and live in the woods! all in all Kings of summer is a great film,I cant really think of any bad points about it in all honesty.

Id give the film a 4/5 & hope you guys watch it!

What did you think of kings of summer?

- Tim


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