ByRJ Mokai Mitchell, writer at
RJ Mokai Mitchell

On April 4 IBTimes shares that there could possibly be a Daryl/ Beth relationship in season five of "The Walking Dead."

There is no denying that Daryl is protective of Beth and feels horribly that she was taken by the black car while she was in his care. It's likely that he has developed feelings beyond brotherly love for Beth as well, however, if a relationship does form before the two, fans shouldn't expect there to be another Glenn and Maggie on the show. While Daryl is very protective of Beth and obviously has a lot of sex appeal with the fans he is an introvert and doesn't think about things in that light. When it comes to Beth's return, Rob Kirkman says that she will return but there is no saying when she will return, or in what state. Fans have suspected that after spending time with Beth that Daryl would fall for her in a way that was more than just friends. Beth seemed to have a way of opening up Daryl in ways that others from the group weren't able to. Whether it's because she is friendly and inviting or because he was already developing feelings for her is unknown. No matter how it happens, fans are likely to be excited to see Daryl seemingly happy instead of simply just trying to survive.

Would you like to see a Daryl and Beth relationship in season five or is there someone else that you would have thought better suited for him?


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