ByDeezy P Mixman, writer at
Deezy P Mixman

So what makes a good horror flick? Is it purely the "Gore Factor"? Or could it be the the psychological angle? What works better? The supernatural ghost stories, or the good ole slasher movies? Is it zombies or torture flicks? Pick your poison. But there is a thin line between a masterpiece (A Nightmare on Elm St.) and a completely overrated bag of s#*t (The Blair Witch Project). In my opinion the best horror movies have the ability to be versatile. Meaning they can completely gross you out. Play with your nerves and make you feel uneasy. Shock you, but most importantly, give you a strong sense of "Maybe this could happen!" Think about it. The absolute best horror movies of the last few years contain all of those factors. What's your opinion? What makes a good horror flick?


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