ByAaron Luke Hammonds, writer at
Aaron Luke Hammonds

So people have been posting walkthroughs of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game. I was watching one and paused it at the best moment possible. Remember when SevenWebHeads posted a video about Venom being spotted in one of the trailers? Yeah I was that source and now I'm going to explain how we saw him.

The photo to the left of parkers shoulder. Venom
The photo to the left of parkers shoulder. Venom

Ok so this was the original photo that we saw Venom or more of Venom's eyes. So I was always hoping to play the game, go to time square and see what it was. But I didn't have to. It appears that Venom's eyes are just for an energy drink. Or some sort of product. So does Carnage appear first then Venom comes and gets the idea of his eyes from a poster?.....I don't know but THAT would be stupid. Tell me what you guys think.


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