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I always see or read online, about people wanting to see a Wonder Woman film. Me, myself, I'm not really a Wonder Woman fan, never really seeing why she's hyped up for, to be honest!

But anyway, this post is to basically have a small rant on the lack of respect the Scarlet Speedster gets as a character. No offense to anyone but I think the Flash is the best comic book character ever, alongside Spidey and the Bat himself.

The flash is such a rich character if you look into him, his power is simple yes but it allows him to do a lot of cool stuff, like go back in time and even beat superman in a race.

But my point is: why is The Flash never really mentioned when people talk about expanding the DC universe? They never reaaaaaaally including Barry or Wally its just always "The Trinity" which I understand because they're core DC characters. But so is the Flash, he's being around before Noah's Ark!

Personally, for me I would rather see a Flash film instead of a Batman or Superman film, because of the great stories you can adapt with the Flash, an example being the Flashpoint Paradox. That is such a rich story and explored the Flash's abilities on a whole new level for me!

Yes you can argue he's getting his own tv show, but that isn't enough. [The Flash](movie:15273) deserves the big screen and I hope one day someone at WB/DC will realise what a rich and awesome character they have just dumped to TV.


Do U Think The Flash Is Respected Enough,As A Character?


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