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Errol Teichert

In this day and age of cinema, there are hundreds and hundreds of movies being made every single year, and of those hundreds and hundreds, there are examples of exemplary, innovative filmmaking, perfectly adequate movies that don't really break new ground, and just bad movies that make cinema look like a sideshow trick, and not a serious art form.

Because of these numerous successes and failures, we develop trends and expectations for movies, and we believe that filmmaking needs to be done in a certain way. And through that, we conclude that there are certain things about movies that some believe to be unequivocal truths, when in fact many of those truths aren't concrete truths at all, just opinions formed after bad experience. I'm here to counter just a few of those lies we tell ourselves and others.

1. Anthology comedies are crap.
I'm not saying that Movie 43 was good in any way. I'm not saying that about Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, either. I know that there are a lot of bad anthology comedies out there, and I won't deny it. But has anyone forgotten a little movie called Love, Actually?

Love, Actually was a fantastic movie. Yes, fantastic. It had a huge cast with everyone from Alan Rickman to Liam Neeson to Emma Thompson to Colin Firth, and early appearances by Martin Freeman and The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln (though I wouldn't recommend watching the Martin Freeman bits with your parents). Besides just being flat-out great, this film makes a strong case for anthology films, with well-rounded characters and stories that lure its audience in and get them invested.


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