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Some series start off kicking butt, blasting it all to high heavens and end up being big disappointments; others open up strongly enough, though eventually lose their spice; and yet others manage to move from a mild and dull story to an increasingly rich plot and development. The Tomorrow People is none of far, at least.

Last night's episode, as well as the one before (which I abstained from commenting on for fear it was simply a stroke of luck) was a perfectly rounded episode, including all from amazing action sequences, twists, romance and a beautifully executed - and most anticipated - cliffhanger. Something that only perked up the series followers even more, though possibly for nothing.

It's a shame, really, that, because of the profuse amount of series debuting every fall or summer, the first season matters not as a whole, but only a couple - if not the premiere alone - of episodes may decide the fate of a show. TTP set out to be a filler series (imho) in to which I do not suspect much hope was put, in spite of the big bucks for the effects. Now, as it approaches its finale in such a catchy manner, it will captivate only those who stuck with it, through the boring and - why not - sometimes annoying episodes.

I will surely not miss Kara and John as a couple - or Kara at all for that matter, or Stephen's stubbornness or the tomorrow people's lives in the tunnels when TTP comes to its doom's day. But I'll definitely want to see Astrid having a shot at happiness with the new-turned human John, this matured and well portrayed Stephen. What will the world hold for the paranormals as it encompasses them?

But then again, although I genuinely appreciate the show (it kinda grew on me), I'm not so sure it'd be able to keep up as good a work as the last couple of episodes have displayed, in the long run. I fear it'd be much of the same Kara-Stephen love to hate relationship that we're all to accustomed to by now, the usual effects and stunts in excess and no coolness of a supposed hit series.

Oh...I miss Amellwednesdays...but I'm not certain I'd miss The Tomorrow People as a whole. Guess it's not far enough now from a definite answer anyway...let's just enjoy the great last ride then.


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