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Stan Lee has ripped into Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal of Nick Fury in the way only a 91 year old man can - in a gentle and curmudgeonly fashion.

The comicbook legend was asked about Jackson's performance as Fury at the recent C2E2 convention, and his response is possibly the most perfect thing that has ever been spoken:

“Sam Jackson can do the best angry, tough guy you could imagine...and every time I see him in the movie he’s so quiet and soft and I’m waiting for him to get excited and yell at people and he never does. So I don’t know why they don’t make him more like I picture him being.”

Which means that Stan Lee is now officially the greatest surrogate geek-grandfather in the world - one who is quietly cranky about Samuel L. Jackson not yelling at people enough.

Excelsior, Stan. Excelsior!

What do you guys think? Who should Stan Lee go after next? Let me know below!


Which Marvel hero should Stan (maybe teaming up with Sam Jackson) go after next?



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