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Melting hearts clearly comes naturally to Ian Somerhalder. He reduces our tender tickers to mush as bad boy Damon every week, but he has clearly be practicing his art for years.

A dedicated [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) fan somehow sniffed out Somerhalder's adorable year book photo and posted it on Twitter. I don't suggest scrolling any further if you are on public transport, because involuntary deafening 'AWWWWWWS' are inevitable.

Check out the cute overload below;

Somerhalder might have mercifully grown into those ears, but the rest of him looks identical. Here's proof he doesn't pluck those suspiciously well groomed brows, guys! The best bit for me is seeing the early development of the signature Somerhalder smirk, the narrowed eye and the face tilt are absolutely identical!

Check out that signature too, Ian clearly had superstar aspirations to whip up something so autograph worthy. No doubt all the girls in school were desperately queueing for his scribble.

I can't decide whether Theodore Snyder should be kicking himself for missing his moment in the spotlight, or whether he deliberately baulked when he realized he would be placed next to the unbeatable majesty of the Somerhalder.

Do you think Ian Somerhalder has the most adorable yearbook photo you have EVER seen?


How cute is the young Ian Somerhalder?

(Source: Wet Paint)

(Images: Tumblr and IVillage)


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