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When a marketable star begins showing some acting chops they always come a-knocking. So as Robert Pattinson eases into a credible gear it's only natural some juicy projects get left behind. The unlucky production to get the chop from the young man's schedule earlier this week is Mission: Blacklist, a Zero Dark Thirty style political thriller based around the hunt for Saddam Hussein.

The film will still be helmed by up-and-coming Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt and with a story like that they shouldn't have too much trouble finding some sort of replacement.

As for Pattinson, he seems to be enjoying himself at the moment. Two of his most recent projects- David Michod's The Rover and, his second outing with Cronenberg, Map to the Stars- have already rapped and are on their way to Cannes, and with Anton Corbijn's Life almost finished too this could be a game changing year for the Twilight star.

Check out some new images from The Rover and let us know if you're sad to see Pattinson drop this one in the comments below.

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