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Ian Somerhalder just can't get enough of loving up the ladies via Instagram, and this time Chelsea Handler is the lucky lady caught in his piercing blue gaze.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star shared a selfie of him staring lovingly into Handler's eyes... on a book cover!

Check out the puzzling pic below;

The unusual image had potential to make Somerhalder's scores of fans a tad confused/hideously envious, but the altruistic star kindly explained his motive with an image caption. [The Anomaly](movie:983906) star wrote;

How did @chelseahandler end up in my hotel room?! Maybe b/c I just Did the Chelsea Lately show with Mary McCormack. SO fun, great audience- I felt really loved. So much awesome estrogen! Thanks Mary! Love, Ian

You gotta love Somerhalder's love for the awesome ladies of the world, and his constant photo streaming. I probably know more about Somerhalder's everyday life than I do some of my best friends, cheers Instagram!

How do you feel about Ian Somerhalder's love of social media?


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