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Shailene Woodley is the woodland goddess of Hollywood and she doesn't want anyone to forget it! The New Age nymph has revealed some more of her hippy beauty secrets to E! Online, but unfortunately there is no vagina sunbathing this time!

Instead the star shares some environmentally friendly ways to get a gorgeous Woodley-esque glow. So, what do you need to do to rock a velvety visage like the [Divergent](movie:593270) star?

For a start it is time to ditch all of those pore clogging soaps on your body, Woodley recommends you brush yourself like a pony instead. The star advises that you;

Use soap sparingly. Try a dry brush instead and in moments you're feeling really dirty, use natural, simple ingredient soap. Nothing artificial

Woodley also recommends sunbathing other parts of yourself as well as your vajayjay. But, don't overdo it and put yourself at risk of sunburn or skin cancer. Woodley says;

Be smart about sunshine but small doses of natural vitamin D everyday help not only my skin but my overall heath. Internally and externally

Of course a lot of [The Fault In Our Stars](movie:602185) actress' beauty tips come from the inside instead of lathering yourself with expensive creams, serums and make up.

The hottest hippy on the block also prescribes actually hugging trees (really!). Woodley's clay chomping mouth reckons that feeling the grass between your tooties will enhance your completion. She advises you to;

Walk barefoot in a park. Hug a tree. This always helps me get out of my mind and when I'm out of my mind my natural glow is allowed to reveal itself

Woodley's last point is clearly the most important though. Beauty is an illusion that just isn't possible until you snuggle in and get real comfortable with your own skin. 'flaws' and all. The 23-year-old stars most valuable piece of advice is;

You do you, baby! That's the number one beauty secret of all time. Don't Compare. Leave it all behind. Compare leads to despair. Love yourself. All of your ticks, quirks and bizarre smirks. Love it all. Embrace it. The moment we allow our minds to forget about ourselves physical, self-love can rule. And with self-love comes a glow that no product on earth can create!

Amen girlfriend!

She might sound like a preachy kaftan wearing mom who believes in the healing power of crystals, but you can't deny Shailene has a good point to make. This girl's heart is totally in the right place.

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Would you follow any of Shailene Woodley's beauty tips?

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