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Political commentator Dinesh D'Souza's followup to the hugely successful 2016: Obama's America is finally here. After achieving the title of 'second highest grossing documentary of all time', D'Souza challenges the very origins of American history and attempts to show his audience that the West was 'stolen' rather than 'won'.

Watch it here:

Honestly when I started watching the trailer, I heard the Band of Brother's-style soundtrack and saw these beautiful shots I thought to myself, "here we go, another sentimental propaganda piece about truth, justice and the American way". But what develops is something completely different.

The topics in this film are among the biggest and least talked about in America; most notably native Americans. Native Americans seem to be immortalized in John Wayne movies and variants on the Pocahontas story, including seven foot blue Smurfs; but in fact they are the natives. This phrase 'native American' is said by most as a label while forgetting it's actual context. They were there first and were colonized. What this film seems to be conveying is that America was founded on the grounds of 'theft, plunder and oppression', as stated by D'Souza. This isn't the first time D'Souza has challenged the idea of Western Imperialism. Along with 2016, his book The Roots of Obama's Rage states that Obama wishes to destroy Western Imperialism based on his father's anti-colonial philosophies.

From watching the various shots mixed with what D’Souza is talking about, it would appear that he is using American foreign politics and its wars to paint a picture that America has and still does colonize countries; whether it be through politics, trade or wars. Furthermore it seems that he's suggesting that 'theft' is a fundamental value in America. The only interviewees in the trailer speak negatively. I would hope that when the full film is released that it shows an equal side of these arguments and lets the viewer decide.

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