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Frozen may have made over a billion dollars in global box office sales, but there's more to Elsa and Anna than just getting people into cinema seats. There's that oh-so-elusive title of the 'fairest of them all' - the greatest Disney princess there is.

Normally, such a subjective title could never be decided absolutely - but never fear, eBay is here, and they have a solution.

Terapeak, an analytic tool for sellers, has ranked Disney's princesses by the amount they earn have earned on eBay since May 2013.

Despite Frozen only having been released for five months of that period, guess who comes out on top? The full rankings are below, but it's no spoiler to reveal that Elsa comes out swinging, with almost a million dollars more in sales than her closest competitor. If you combine her and Anna's sale figures, it more than doubles the classic competition from Cinderella in second place.

Elsa - $3,397,816

Cinderella - $2,504,259

Snow White - $2,301,831

Anna - $2,165,120

Ariel - $1,483,384

Rapunzel - $598,056

Aurora - $215,856

Merida - $282,188

Jasmine - $253,102

Tiana - $84,882

Belle - $6,867

Which begs the question: just who is the fairest of them all? Let me know what you guys think below!


Which Disney Princess is the fairest of them all?



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