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For many, that ending to How I Met Your Mother felt a whole bunch of different kinds of wrong. For many of us, the (Note, SPOILERS) abrupt transition from the mother lying on her deathbed to Ted moving on with his life was particularly difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, Alyson Hannigan feels the same way.

Speaking to TV Line, the actress - fresh from playing Lily Aldrin in the show - has revealed that the show originally included a "one-second" montage of the mother's funeral - which was cut for being "just too gut-wrenching."

Hannigan, though, disagreed at the time of editing. Reflecting on the final cut of the finale, she has admitted that she was very clear to the producers about her feelings on the subject:

“Honestly, if you saw [that] cut, it would be even more heart-wrenching than what the finale was...They were like, ‘No. It’s just too gut-wrenching.’ And I was like, ‘That’s what I want. I want my heart ripped out and slammed on the floor and, like, stomped on!’”

She also acknowledged that the absence of this scene likely explains the polarized response to the finale:

“[the missing moment] would have been better for the audience, so that then they can process, ‘Oh, [Ted] mourned. He got closure’ — and then they’d be happy that [he and Robin] got together. Rather than be like, ‘Oh, wait. She died? What? They’re together, huh?’ And credits. That’s what I think was too fast.”

If that "one second" scene had stayed in, would it have fixed all the finale's problems? For many, the ending was problematic for several other reasons - but for some, it would perhaps have allowed for the closure Hannigan talks about. It's exclusion is certainly an interesting - and brave - decision on the part of the producers.

What do you guys think? Should the scene have been left in? Let me know below!


Should the funeral scene have been left in the How I Met Your Mother finale?



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