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The Stanley Fest is currently revelling in it's second year down in Estes Park and on Friday night the festival had its midnight secret screening. This year the film was Eli Roth's Cannibal Holocaust channelling The Green Inferno. The movie lovers in attendance were treated to a taped Q&A with Roth (No, we don't quite understand that either) and Bloody-Disgusting's Evan Dickson went along for the ride.

Most of my journalist friends had already seen the film in Toronto, so it felt like last night’s crowd was comprised mainly of Colorado locals and film fans. And they seemed to genuinely love the movie. Roth showed up via the wonders of technology to introduce the piece as well as provide a taped Q&A (the mechanics of which were actually kind of funny) after the film.

Dickson stresses that his was not yet a full review but assures us that the film is:

every inch an Eli Roth movie. If you didn’t like his first three, you won’t like this. But I don’t see how a fan of his work could walk away disappointed... ...And the message he sends about armchair activism and the degradation of legitimate social causes in the service of greed and social branding is spot on

Sounds sweet. Roth's no kind of great actor so we're happy to see him getting back behind the camera in a directorial role. Can you believe he hasn't made a film since Hostel 2 way back in 2007?

Anyway, we're geared up for this madness. Are you? Do tell in the comments section below.

The Green Inferno hits theatres September 4th


Holding out for this one?


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